Here’s Hilton hospitality in the heart of hospitable Texas.

The Statler Hilton Hotel, located in the heart of downtown Dallas, has been designed with just one thought in mind — the comfort of its guests. The 21-story, Y-shaped building is completely air conditioned from spacious lobby to deluxe Skyline Suites. Each of its 1001 handsomely furnished guest rooms looks out across a brilliant panorama of Dallas through broad picture windows. Fourteen dining rooms provide every type of food from a quick snack to the most exotic foreign cuisine. There is the luxurious Empire Room, home of the finest supper club entertainment, the Embassy Ballroom, and the Grand Ballroom, largest in the Southwest. Out past the lobby the serene picture pool reflects the tropical foliage of the patio and the brilliant blue of the Texas sky. In a word, every feature of the Statler Hilton is planned to cater to your comfort at this great new hotel where hospitality is a treasured and gracious art.

The Empire Room — with finest foods and America’s top entertainers.

The glamorous Grand Ballroom — the South’s largest.